Chemical Wash

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A proud product of bio-degradable Chemical Wash manufactured in Singapore by our partner, we are able to deliver you the right cleaning solution, at the right prices.

Our product ranges are as below:

  1. Anti-Bacterial Wash
  2. Multi-Use Cleaner
  3. Waterless Hand Paste
  4. Waterless Walnut Hand Gel
  5. Oil 8 Grease Emulsifier
  6. EMC Fest Dry
  7. Heavy Duty Grease Free
  8. General Cleaning Helper
  9. Tough Air Con Coil Helper
  10. Hand Sanitizer
  11. Rust Prevention
  12. Flust Conversion
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Heavy Duty Degreaser
An effective industrial grade alkaline degreasing agent for cleaning of a wide range of heavy duty cleaning jobs. It can be used to clean heavy soils, petroleum, grease, oil deposits on ship decks, tiles, concrete, machineries, workshop floors, equipment, etc.

Tank Cleaner
The product makes cleaning of affected tank with less effort compared to others. Its active solvent emulsifying cleaning agents removes oil and sludge from bilges, cargo tanks, engines and any affected area effectively.

Rig Wash
This is a heavy duty multi-purpose cleaner formulated to remove oil, grease and fuel residual from machinery, bulk head, deck and other rig area which require regular maintenance. It can dilute with soft, hard water or seawater for cleaning purposes.

Oil Spill Dispersant (Water Base)
A water based formulated oil dispersing agent that actively breaks oil making it soluble in water. It disperses a wide range of crude and fuels oil when spillage occurs in ocean, in harbors, rivers, streams, lagoons, etc. It is also good for cleaning and degreasing oil & grease on bilge, docks, walkways etc.

Scale & Oxide Remover
The product is formulated to dissolve all carbonates depositions, phosphates (magnesium, calcium) and metal oxides. Due to its high penetrating It disintegrates carbonate deposits previous to their total dissolution and enable their evacuation and mud form. The present of corrosion inhibitor ensures a good protection of metals.

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