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Atrcz International is The One Stop Supplier for Plate Heat Exchanger Maintenance Needs. With our worldwide network and working with esteem proven brand, we supply our products demanding for quality and competitive pricing to benefit our customers. We are a stockist for Plate Heat Exchanger; Gaskets, Plates, Rubber Spools and others Spares from all major makes and model.

We provide cleaning chemicals that serves all our client needs for all cleaning purposes. Our cleaning chemicals are manufactured with experienced and certified chemists to ensure the products of the highest quality. 

We supply a complete and diverse line of power transmission belts for both automotive and industrial application. We will see to all your auto-industrial needs.

Plate Heat Exchanger - Reconditioning

Our Specialist Service Repair Partners are people who are highly skilled and trained. They are fully equipped to provide our clients with high level of service in the most cost efficient ways.

Our supply chain will be able to fully support them in all necessary spares at minimal lead time and most importantly at the lowest cost.

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