Plate Heat Exchanger – Customize Unit

Having uncertainty about what kind of Heat Exchanger to use?

ATRCZ is able to offer and customize the Plate Heat Exchanger according to your requirement.

By providing your desired specifications and size, our factory will tabulate the information given. Using their advance technology software, they will be able to customize a Plate Heat Exchanger Unit base on your request.

We guarantee the best pricing and warranty our products for 12 months.

The sulphur content of any fuel oil used in designated emission control areas (ECA) shall not exceed 0.1% m/m S, on and after 1 Jan 2015.



Marine diesel engines are not designed to use low sulphur fuel (MGO or MDO) which the viscosity is very low (1.5cSt)

In most marine diesel engines, the viscosity of the fuel needs to be at least 2.0cSt

MGO with a minimum viscosity of 1.5cSt at 40 C (ISO 8217) requires approximately 20 C to keep the limit to 2.0cSt.

The viscosity of MGO varies at between 1.0cSt – 2.0cSt, which means that sufficient engine lubrication can no longer be guaranteed.



Thus, to maintain a minimum viscosity of 2.0cSt it may be necessary to install a plate cooler together with appropriate controls in the design of the modified fuel oil system.

Atrcz International is able to customize the plate cooler at your require specifications to achieve the desired temperature so as to maintain the minimum viscosity of 2.0cSt

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